Non Woven Sheets

We are dealing with manufacturing & supplying a broad array of non-woven fabric sheets or web structures which are bonded together by entangling fiber or filaments. These are made of long fibers which do not require converting the fibers to yarn. These are well known for their extensive features like absorbency, liquid repellency and softness.

We are the manufacturers of 'Non Woven Fabrics Sheets' which are produce by the fibers or filaments together. These fabric sheets are made by the help of mechanical, thermal or chemical process, under the efficient guidance of the professionals. We use separate fibers or molten plastic or plastic film for producing these Non Woven Fabric Sheets that are highly demanded by the clients.

A dynamic, value-added alternative

Nonwoven fabrics are a dynamic, value-added alternative to more traditional materials. With nonwoven technology, fabrics can be designed to take on an array of characteristics that other materials simply cannot match, including:

  • Greater strength per basis weight than competing fabrics
  • High levels of uniformity
  • Form holding in the Z direction
  • High tear and tensile strength
  • Ability to form composites for advanced performance
  • Consistency in high temperature applications